1. Have a look at our accommodation and contact us. We will reply with options available for your dates and then you can view or simply book by email.

Your accommodation rate is paid directly to your host. You pay for your first week (or month) in advance. You then pay the balance/monthly from arrival date. Your key deposit (usually £5 - £20) is refundable upon return of your key.

There is nothing extra to pay.
2. Our confirmation email provides all details (names, dates, address, payment instructions, etc) of your stay in hosted accommodation. You can then contact your host to arrange to collect your key.

Some terms explained and things you need to know

Guest: paying guest(s) and their visitors
A guest is a temporary visitor in someone's home.

Host: home owner/resident family
Hosts are families and home owners who offer accommodation within their own home (or second home).

Keys: usually the only door with a key is the main door of the house. Bedrooms, bathrooms and suites usually have bolts inside doors for privacy, but no locks outside in case of fire. Studios and suites may have a separate door from the hallway (like a private entrance, within the home) again with a bolt inside for privacy - this means that usually everything within is private so you can go from bedroom to bathroom/kitchen without going into any shared space, there are some exceptions.

  • Room accommodation shares kitchen and/or washroom + wc

  • Room with private bath shares only kitchen, you have your own private washroom + wc

  • Studios and suites have private kitchen (or kitchenette) and washroom facilities

  • whole house (only available for 6+ month tenancy agreements) completely private from the main entrance door with no shared facilities and separate set of keys.

Guests’ personal belongings are not covered by hosts’ home insurance. You may wish to arrange cover independently.

All Rooms include bed covers & towels. For longer stays hosts provide 1 set on the bed and 1 spare set for guests to refresh at their convenience.

Arrival plans: rooms are usually available from 3pm on weekends (5.30pm on weekdays if the host works away during the day) up to 10pm. Your confirmation email will explain how to contact your Host directly to arrange a convenient arrival time. On your leaving date, please vacate by 12:00 so rooms may be cleaned and prepared for new arrivals.

Guests must pay promptly and in full and Hosts must provide receipts. Please note advance payments are non-refundable.
Guests and hosts must respect each others property, needs and privacies. Remember this is not a landlord/tenant relationship: a guest may be asked to leave immediately if they are causing distress to the host family, neighbours or other guests in the house. In this event the guest has no right to remain on the property. Any unspent advance payments would be refunded. Alternative accommodation may be offered subject to availability.
All accommodation is no-smoking.

Guest Rooms Coventry (since 1999) is an introduction and booking service on behalf of a community of local hosts. We arrange hosted accommodation for visitors to Coventry. Once a booking is confirmed by email, the guest and host are then able to communicate directly and Guest Rooms Coventry cannot be held responsible for any property, service, or arrangements made thereafter.

We hope you are happy with your booking but you can always contact us to see if we have something more to your liking.

Complete our Request Form and we will get back to you with options for your dates.

Rates for guestroom accommodation include bedcovers & towels, all bills and wifi internet. There is nothing extra to pay.

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