Enquiries can be thought of in 3 groups

We recommend short stays to start with and see how it goes... but have a read, it's up to you!

We try to match the right guests-to-homes so we welcome your feedback after any booking.

Short stays 1-3 weeks

e.g. visiting performers/professionals. As house guests they can be ideal - usually used to moving around and need very little support - they’re also out at work often until late evenings so hosting can be "how was your day?" on the stairs! Involves more cleaning, particularly if you’re changing guests every other week – we know some brilliant cleaners – great if you prefer gaps between guests e.g. for family visits.

Short-Mid stays 4-12 weeks

e.g. academics attending conferences or international university projects. Often go out for dinner with colleagues but may have questions on the local area so opportunities for chatting are higher. Bedding is made available for them to change when they like (provide 2 sets). You can choose to leave some days/weeks gaps between stays. Some guests ask for repeat visits e.g. the following term/year.

Long stays 3+ months

e.g. postgraduate research projects, visiting professionals. Often worked away for long periods before so with a bit of preparation, the transition is easy into a nice, clean and quiet place to call home. Most prefer their own bathroom and kitchen facilities. You can be as social as you like, some hosts wave on the stairs, others have occasional dinners together. Again we start them off with 2 sets of bedding which they change when ready. Some guests initially book 3-6 months and return/extend for 1-3 years e.g. for PhD study. Great if you want a steady income and familiar faces around.