Do you like people? Do you have a spare bedroom in Coventry? We can match the right guests to the right hosts!

You may like to welcome a visitor for a week or two, or prefer a long term lodger: choose your guests and read the information below. This income is usually Tax Free (you can earn up to £7,500 per year for letting a room in your own home) and there is no charge to apply so if you have a spare room and would like to have paying guests, please complete this form and we will contact you to arrange a home visit. You may cancel or change your application at any time at no charge.

You will need

  • a clean room with a supportive comfy bed and somewhere to store clothes
  • space for visitors to use your kitchen or another cooking area
  • wash room with a good shower & wc (we suggest no more than 2 guests per wc)
  • you may wish to check your home insurance in case of restrictions on the type of paying guests you can have
  • a friendly face!

If this is your own home (where you live) it's up to you to decide what is safe for yourself and your guests and the following are not legal requirements, but you may wish to know for your own peace of mind.

For absent Landlords (e.g. if you live elsewhere) 

If you live elsewhere you would be considered a Landlord and so you must ensure the safety of your tenants - e.g. gas safe certificate (renewed every 12 months); fire labels on any soft furnishings (e.g. mattress, sofa); an electrics certificate (valid for 5 years) and smoke/heat detectors in hallways/kitchens (we recommend these be interlinked to sound together). We can point you in the right direction if you need help with any of these.

The set up

After we receive your application we can answer any questions you have and visit to take some notes (guests ask all sorts of questions before they book, like where the washing machine is kept/how big is the desk/is there a cat/parking outside etc.) We can then set up your photo page for your approval (£25).

Arranging stays

As enquiries come in we offer you any suitable candidates and you let us know if interested. Then we can arrange a viewing or guests coming from afar book after seeing your photo page. The booking confirmations are all done by email, complete with contact details, payment instructions and directions for travel ...and you take it from there!

How much will I receive?

Guests pay their whole rate directly to you. We don’t charge any admin fee to guests, and we don't charge a percentage of the rent, only a small introduction fee to the host after a booking is confirmed, depending on the length of the booking:

  • Introduction fee part-week £10
  • Introduction fee short stay (up to 12 weeks) £15 per week up to max £60
  • Introduction fee long stay (3+ months) fixed rate £60

The rest is yours!

See examples below

Example A: part-week (5 nights) in a studio - your guest will pay you £150. You pay GuestRoomsCoventry £10.

Example B: short stay of 2 weeks in a room @ £135 per week - your guest will pay you £270. You pay GuestRoomsCoventry £30.
Example C: short-mid stay of 10 weeks in a room @ £120 per week - your guest will pay you £1,200. You pay GuestRoomsCoventry £60.

Example D: long stay of 12 months in a studio @ £700 per month - your guest will pay you £8,400. You pay GuestRoomsCoventry £60 + optional Right to Rent Check £20.