UK right to rent checks: information for hosts

New right to rent checks required by the UK Government came into force on 1 Feb 2016. We accessed the government guidance and concluded the following:

Short stays (-3 months) = no need to record checks

The statutory code suggests if the letting is for a short, time-limited period, and it is clear that they will not remain in the property after this period, then the landlord may conclude that the property is to be used as temporary/holiday/tourist accommodation and there is no need to conduct right to rent checks. We would still expect to make basic ID checks in the normal way.

Long stays (3+ months) = record checks

It appears the Home Office would consider bookings of three months or more may indicate that a person is using the accommodation for a purpose other than leisure and could be intending to use the accommodation as their only or main home.

As a landlord/host you have a responsibility to check anyone living in your accommodation has a ‘right to rent’ in the UK. In essence, we must record checks for all long stay visitors: for citizens of the UK and EEA we continue to record passport/ID; for visitors outside this zone we must also check any time-limits affecting their right to rent in the UK.

Don't worry ...we can prepare your checks!

GuestRoomsCoventry can undertake preliminary checks as part of the booking process e.g.
•    purpose and duration of visit
•    record copy of passport/travel document ID to confirm nationality and right to rent in the UK
•    request copy of VISA/document showing any time-limited dates of right to rent in the UK (within 28 days of arrival)

Our charge (long stay guests only) is a single flat rate ‘right to rent check’ fee to request and record the relevant document copies: £20 per adult

Your bit

Ultimately only the landlord/host (you) are legally responsible for checking the validity of these documents. So when your guest arrives:

  1. look at them in person to check passport photo and date of birth matches guest 

  2. check their leaving date is BEFORE any visa expiry date (date they must leave the UK)

  3. write down the date you checked

But you may prefer to read the much longer official versions here:
•    how to make a right to rent check
•    document check user guide